Asahi Advertising Inc.
Digital Solutions Divisions Department Manager
IMC Headquarters Digital Solutions Divisions Internet Media Promotion
Department Manager
Joined Asahi Advertising Inc. in 2005 and moved to the digital sector in
2006 , Has been engaged in Internet advertising planner since then.

Provides the advertiser with Listing Advertising, SEO, Premium Advertising,
AD Network, DSP, Third Party Distribution and Social AD.

In addition , Web Analytics , such as " Omniture SiteCatalyst "and" Attribution Dashboard " to visualize the effect of Mass advertising of
Cross-Channel , was also engaged in the sale of solutions area .

Started campaign management utilizing TV commercials and artificial
intelligence using IBM artificial intelligence Watson from 2016.
2016 ad-tech Tokyo official speaker 2016 ad-tech Kansai Moderator
On the belief that the explanation more clearly of digital, supports
marketing .
KOBE17:00 - 17:50 [C-5] Integrated Planning for Mass and Digital Advertisement