Kurihara Yosuke

Uhuru Corp.
IoT Innovation Center, Conceptualist
Born and raised in Chigasaki, Japan, a city of great scenic beauty, with the Pacific Ocean expanding out in front and Mt. Fuji rising majestically in the background. I traded this for views of the spectacular Niagara Falls and snowy winters when I pursued a degree in marketing from SUNY Buffalo. After graduating, I joined Dentsu, the premier advertising agency in Japan, as a Producer. I parlayed that into my current role as Conceptualist at Uhuru Corporation, a late-stage IT venture based in Tokyo, where I direct social and technological projects and innovations for the government of Japan, municipalities and companies in the private sector. I currently make my home in Nara Prefecture and travel to client sites mainly in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. In addition to trains and planes, my major modes of locomotion are walking, running, and skateboarding.
KYOTO13:25 - 14:15 [B-2] Case Studies on Marketing with IoT