Atsushi Sugimoto

Hakuhodo DY digital Inc.
Kansai & Local Division Digital Solution Group Group Leader
After gaining experiences at the digital and film production company in Tokyo and Kyoto, I joined former Hakuhodo DY Inter Solutions Inc. (current Hakuhodo DY Digital Inc. ) in 2013. I am in charge of problem solving for clients and digital communication, which enable to make connections between clients to consumers, based on creative plans and productions. I have been leading the digital creative in Kansai as a solution group leader of digital creative team from 2017. I received ACC TOKYO CREATIVITY AWARDS Silver, and special award of MADE IN OSAKA CM AWARDS.
KOBE16:05 - 16:50 [(日本語) インフルエンサー起用 バズと成果を検証する] 神-3