Kazuhiko Yazaki

Felissimo Corporation
Kazuhiko Yazaki: Born in Osaka in 1955. President& CEO, Felissimo Corporation since 1987. Graduated
B.A. in Economics, Gakushuin University in 1978,and MBA Graduate School of Business Administration
Kobe University in 2005. Member of the Kobe Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairperson of Kobe
Association of Corporate Executives (2007-2009).
Member of Kobe City Design Advisory Board, and
Executive Advisor for Social Business Network. He is the Executive Director of DESIGN 21, a joint project
of UNESCO and Felissimo to foster young artists and designers. He is interested in the Corporate Style
Design Management focusing on three important elements;
Profitability, Originality, and Social Relevance.
Award The 30th Mainichi Executive Awards (The Mainichi Newspapers) in 2010.
KOBE10:10 - 10:50 [フェリシモ 矢崎社長] 神K1