Kazumasa Kubota

Suntory Holdings Limited/SUN-AD Company Limited
Advisor/Chairman of the Board
Suntory Holdings Limited Advisor
SUN-AD Company Limited Chairman of the Board

Join Suntory in 1977.
Through the experiences an advertising division manager and a RTD division planning manager.
Move on to become a division director of a advertising division in 2007.
2013,Suntory Holdings Limited Executive Officer, an advertising design general manager and a head of an advertising division.
2016,Suntory Holdings Limited Advisor, SUN-AD Company Limited Representative president.
From April 2017, the present post.
Receive the distinguished service prize at The 36th Tokyo Advertising Association Shinobu Shirakawa Prize in 2017.
KYOTO10:50 - 11:30 [(日本語) 人間讃歌と挑戦者魂] 京K2