Atsuhiko Watanabe

In 2005 he joined FINDSTAR Co., Ltd.. He was engaged in advertisement sales of print media, mainly to mail order industry and real estate business.After working for MAGASEEK Co., Ltd. which is a apparel EC company for a while, founded ONESTAR Co., Ltd. as a representative director, which will be the first company of FINDSTAR group. Then, entered the Internet advertising agency business specializing in online shopping industry. At that time,onestar Co., Ltd. received "Excellent Growth Advertising Company Award" at Yahoo! JAPAN Premium Advertising Agency Conference in the first half of 2013 and "Best Growth Award" at 2013 Microsoft Advertising Partners Conference. In 2013 he took over as Director of FINDSTAR Co., Ltd.. In 2015 he became President and CEO of FINDSTAR Co., Ltd.. Currently he is focusing on the growth of the Findstar Group with regard to"Human resources development" and "Business development", especially focusing on business development in the area of ​​"Print media × IT".
OSAKA13:25 - 14:10 [(日本語) オフラインとデジタル、次の一手はこれだ!] 大-5