Daisaku Yamada

HP Japan Inc.
Marketing & Business Development Manager
Daisaku Yamada joined Hewlett-Packard Japan Ltd. after obtaining his Master's degree in science and engineering research at Sophia University. He built a successful sales and business development career providing enterprise IT systems to large manufacturers and distributors. He moved to HP's Graphic Solutions business in 2008, with the key responsibility of developing and driving digital printing demand in Japan leveraging on the HP Indigo technology. Mr. Yamada is currently leads both Marketing and Business Development programs. He is also working with global CPG brands to co-create innovative ideas for their next campaign activation using HP's digitally printed packaging.
OSAKA14:20 - 15:05 [(日本語) 沈みゆくオールドメディアをテクノロジーの力で金塊に変える劇薬的思考] 大-1