Hitomi Baba

1-10design, Inc.
Strategic Planning Director
【CAREER ASPIRATION】 By making use of my more than 20 years' strategic planning experience at ADK and beacon communications (Leo Burnett TOKYO) especially for "Human centric planning" based on consumer insight.
Joined 1→10 design in 2018, driven by my passion to serve the community with the power of technology.

【AWARDS】ADFEST2011 PROMO LOTUS SILVER, New York Festival2011 DIGITAL & INTERACTIVE FINALIST, FINALIST in the HEALTHCARE at Spikes Asia2015, SILVER in the Collateral & POS, Sales Promotion & Best use of Media at FAB awards 2016,, FINALIST in the MEDIA LOTUS at ADFEST 2016 etc.
KYOTO15:10 - 15:55 [(日本語) 人の感情・感性を捉える デジタルコミュニケーション] 京-12