Kenji Goto

1992 Joined Recruit Co., Ltd. After planning multiple projects and conducting the responsible person of the EC site
Joined the company as an executive officer at Macro Mill Co., Ltd. to handle new services, develop new business, etc.
Together with Tsujimoto, former Macromill representative in 2009, VALUES CO., LTD. Was launched, "It is hundreds of thousands of people
Unconscious Data = Internet Behavior Log Analysis Service "cut over, cars, real estate, daily necessities, finance, etc.
Develop services to solve marketing issues in various industries
OSAKA15:15 - 16:00 [(日本語) 今気づかないと失敗するーカオスな情報から、正しい気づきを得るマーケティング・インテリジェンス] 大-7