Motoumi Nakamura

Best in Class Producers
Marketing Producer
Motoumi has started his career from Septeni, in 2006, assigned in E-commerce promotion dept, to generate one-stop solution of website construction, attract visitors and CRM. After moving to Asahi-kokokusha, mainly worked as producer of integrating digital marketing with traditional communication such as attribution management, O2O app development or PR strategy. During the period, Motoumi has also owned his team. From 2015, contributed to launch Best in Class Producers. He regarded marketing producing as his theme of career, and contributing to solve marketer's issues by partners integration, issue organization, action planning and execution.
KYOTO16:05 - 16:50 [(日本語) デジタルコミュニケーションが提供すべき体験価値] 京-3