Ryo Matsuzaki

Appier Japan k.k.
Director, Enterprise Sales
Ryo Matsuzaki joined Appier Japan in 2017 to lead its enterprise solution business in Japan by offering customers an advanced AI-based business intelligence tool “Aixon.” Graduating from University of Colorado in Journalism and Mass Communication in 2004, Ryo joined Google Japan in 2011 after worked as a sales at a Tokyo-based advertising agency for seven years. At Google, he contributed for two years to the the growth of advertising sales division for small and medium sized businesses and later joined DoubleClick team as one of the starting members. For another three years, Ryo supported customers by offering Google’s digital marketing solution to cover various ad technology products such as DoubleClick Bid Manager (DSP), DoubleClick Campaign Manager (3rd party ad server/rich media solution), DoubleClick Search (SEM tool) and Google Analytics 360.
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