Tadashi Hara

After graduating from Ritsumeikan University Faculty of Law, after going through USEN · Interworks,
In 2010 he joined Targeting Corporation (present: INCLUSIVE).

Portal site of major general electric manufacturers and Web media of publishing companies and
We are responsible for a wide range of contents media such as cosmetics manufacturers launch, content support, analysis and monetization.

Starting in 2012, at PacificMediaPartners (present: DataTailor), specialized in premium female media
He is responsible for launching the business of Recommend Widget type ad network Contentmatic.
Media Alliance with mother / parenting quality media is also implemented.

Currently, we manage the entire pipe business, spin out context from various angles starting from data,
Deliver valuable content to consumers / readers in an optimal way and disseminate valuable information to the world
We made marketing support with content and data as a strength, with the mission as being mission.
OSAKA13:25 - 14:10 [(日本語) ママ・マーケティングの本質―動画・SNS] 大-10