Takashi Kawazoe

Digital-Commerce Group General Manager
From 1982 year birth place and Karatsu city, Saga. After selling it and being engaged in SANEI-INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD of an overall apparel as a business assistant, I aim at Internet business and it's to Crown Jewel, Inc. of CyberAgent, Inc. group. I sacrifice and participate from work to planning, PR and business. The internal development promotion and the EC business which turn to CREDGE,LIMITED which develops the girls system apparel brand in 2010, and they're an in-house EC site as a person in charge of EC business, a successful case of LINE@ as well as expansion are made double in 2 years. From July, 2013, the present post. EC business, Omni channel promotion and all of a web are integrated and EC business is magnified with 2 years double. I work on EC system repair, tool introduction related to EC and business utilization of LINE aggressively.
KYOTO13:20 - 14:05 [(日本語) 限界を突破する ECのクリティカルポイント] 京-5