Teppei Shioguchi

PROOX Co.,Ltd.
board director
He joined Deloitte Tohmatsu as a new graduate( he was responsible for strategy / personnel consultation) and worked as a seminar lecturer and an advisor consultant. In 2015, he joined Prooks as a founding member and served as the director and sales head of the company, providing video marketing consulting for major companies.
Prooks is posting a series of articles about videos at "MarkeZine" and "ITmedia Marketing"(media for marketers), and also "HRog”(a medium for Human Resource Industry.)

【Award history】
Japan YouTube Ads Leaderboard (*) the second half of 2017 4th place winner
Award-winning work: Japan Net Bank "Hajimete no Chu ~ Shindan"
    Over 3 million views
 (*) Japan YouTube Ads Leaderboard
 YouTube advertising ranking by Google. The ranking is calculated taking in to account the views on paid videos, the number of viewing times of organic search, audience retention rate, etc.
KYOTO13:20 - 14:05 [(日本語) スマホ時代の動画活用] 京-10