Tomofumi Murakami

Comexposium Japan K.K.
ad:tech コンテンツ責任者
1999 After graduating from the Faculty of Economics, Chiba University, he joined a major publishing company and became active as a book and magazine editor of local business. We jointly developed JustSystems Corporation and the term dictionary (ATOK) for civil servants. After that, he launched two magazines such as startup related as a chief editor at 2007 marketing publisher, and launched a fee-based membership Web site. After 2014 Director of Energy Venture Company, 2015 "Gaishi-shukatsu. com" Content Director, after 2016 ad: tech tokyo Content Manager.
KOBE13:20 - 14:05 [(日本語) アドフラウド対策の現実―広告主側からのレポート] 神-10